Responsive Website Design Services in Los Angeles, United State

Responsive web design is a framework that hides, decreases width size, and adjust content according to the user phone, desktop, and tablet.
It is the process of designing and developing a flexible layout. Flexible layout arranges the automatic content based on user screen size, and manage the different code on the different screen size.

It is used to a media query in the stylesheet for the responsive website. There are some media query types in which small device- mobile, small device-tablets, medium device-desktop, large device- large desktop.

Responsive website design services

Web Design Term:-

Designing the web page layout for all device screen sizes is called web design in which page design, heading style, paragraph style, image style like border, border-radius, border-color, heading hover color change, etc. CSS used to apply all effects on all tags.

  • HTML: - Create the structure of the web page.
  • CSS : - Style the web page in which font style, font-color, background-color, background-image, and content style.
  • JAVASCRIPT: - Create an event for the web page.
  • JQUERY: - It is used for the animation in a web page.
  • AJAX: - Access another web page without refreshing
Responsive website design services

Definition of Responsive

Responsive means adjust the image, text, videos, table, and all content on every device, which is mobile-friendly and user-readable.

There are mainly 4 types of responsive devices.

Extra small device:- mobile

The mobile device, When the user accesses the website then automatically adjust contents from the large screen size(Desktop).

Small device: - Tablets

This device adjusts the content in the form of tablet size. Its size is larger than the mobile, and some designs different from the mobile.

Medium device: - small desktop

Its size is larger than the tablets, and its design differs from the tablets. When the user access the web page, the design is adjusted in desktop size.


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