Business card design

Business card is a standard card which gives the information of your company or individuals. A business card has company logo , company name , mobile number , address name , email id , your website name. Business card is used to share contact information to other business man people face to face. Business card has two face first frontend than backend.

Business card has two face: -

1. Front End

Business logo

Logo is the identification of company name. It is the face of brand there are many famous brand like hp , Sony , Samsung etc. It is a symbol , grahic marks to identify your company , your product and your services. A good design logo will be memorable for any person or client.

Your name

Mention the your name with bold text. Name should must when any person call to you than he know that I am calling right person.

Your title

Who are you and what does do ? like business man , dealer , marketing etc , software engineer , graphic designer etc..

Your website

Website tells us the information of company like where is the company ?, how to contact with them ? , what is their address ? , how many types of services provide by them. I means all information can knows about them through their website therefore website should be required on the business card.

Your email id

If you want to contact with someone than you can easily contact by his email id. you can send anything , ask any question by email id. Nowadays All human must have email id.

Your mobile

In the business card mobile number should be must so that anyone contact by your mobile number.

Your address

Address is necessory that which country ,state , distric , street belong to you. What's your pincode ? All things should be mention in the business card so that Customer or client can reached at your location.

Your Slogan

A best slogan must be in the last like as GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES

2. Backside of business card

  • 1. Extra income
  • 2. Financial freedom
  • 3. Have own business
  • 4. More spare time
  • 5. Persona development
  • 6. Helping others
  • 7. Meeting new people
  • 8. Retirement
  • 9. Leave a legacy

10 best paper types of business card for our business

  • 1. Matte paper: Approximately all industry is widely used Matte paper. It's standard size is 280-320 gsm paper type.
  • 2. Exra strong matte paper
  • 3. Texture paper
  • 4. No tearable paper
  • 5. Snask eye catching design
  • 6. Paramore digital claver connection
  • 7. Elements LLC personality on paper
  • 8. Whisky desin- immediate reactions
  • 9. Tank design - purposely plain
  • 10. Amanda acevedo - brand ambassadar.

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Business card is like a atm card that represents the our company information , personal information etc. A business card has logo , name , website name , email id , pincode , distric , state ,and country . All contact information should be in the last of business card. Business card not only represent our company information but also respresnt the itself. so business card must have everyone so that they are represent better in front of any person themself.In this way There is great important role play in the business.

07-11-2020 : Updated by Balindra Kumar