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Logo design is the identification of company name. It is the face of brand there are many famous brand like hp , Sony , Samsung etc. It is a symbol , grahic marks to identify your company , your product and your services. A good design logo will be memorable for any person or client. Logo should perfect size and the perfect colour. If any client to see your logo than he will praise your logo that is great and beautifull logo. Logo are usually some combination of three elements. th symbol , the wordmark and the tagline. sometimes logo made of wordmark , sometimes logo made of the symbol and wordmark , sometimes logo may integrated the symbol and wordmark.

Logo clearspace

When you place our logo in a desin please make sure you give it room to breathe. We call this clearspace. Always leave a clearspace area equal to cap height of the person logo type. Logo artwork comes with the clear space dimensions included in the board size.

Logo Positioning

Our logo can be placed in different positions across our communications depending on the context and format of the piece.

Logo Designing

Logo size

You can calculate our ideal logo sizes from the diagonal width of your format. The logo height equal to 1/12 of the diagonal. There are some usefull standard sizes.

Formate size A1 Formate size A2 Formate size A3 Formate size A4 Formate size A5
Logo height 86mm Logo height 60mm Logo height 43mm Logo height 30mm Logo height 20mm

Logo minimum size

We want people to see our logo clearly across all our communication to make sure it is visible to everyone. We have a minimum size for print and digital formate. Digital minimum width is 49px and Print minimum width is 15mm.

How many types of logo?

There are many types of logo is present like:-

Monogram logo

Monogram logo is letter marks in which brands name comes. It is made of initial brand name.

Wordmarks logo

It is made of the whole brand name not use the initial brand name. Wordmarks logo is the complete brand name. In this logo We have to take the font family , font style, font colour.

Mascots logo

In this logo

Monogram logo

Monogram logo design is letter marks in which brands name comes. It is made of initial brand name.


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