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What is banner and how to create banner?

Banner is like a ribbon. Banner runs from extreme left to extreme right covering all the columnns on the from page infront end and binder is inside the page. Banner is the piece of cloth. Banner word is derived from french word banner.

What are the different types of banner ?

There are many types of banner are present like 'A' Frame banner , 'X' Frame banner , Vinyl banner , Pull up banner , Flag banner, Window decales banner , Suspended and Hanging banner , Fabric and Mesh banner.

'A' Frame banner

'A' Frame banner is elasticated and the made of light weight aluminium. 'A' Frame banner easy to transport because it is light weight and use it anywhere . It is generally used indoor and outdoors.

'X' Frame banner

X Frame banner also known as spider stand banner. It is also light weight and easy to carry. 'X' Frame banner give you the advantage positioning your advertisement any where. It is economical way to display your company information by this banner.

Vinyl banner

Vinyl banner is used for outdoor advertisement and business or personal. Vinyl banner is less expensive than other banners because it prints faster and uses less ink than fabric. Fabric banner are looking at sewn pole pocket. Vinyl banner is easy to fold and travel well without creasing.

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