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[51] best places to visit America[USA]

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America is one of the best country and the best political-philosophical symbols in world history. The capital of America is Washington, D.C. The population of america is 32.72 crores [2018].The president of America is Donald Trump after Barack Obama. America is the english country where speaks english. America is the strong country than others from every way by atoms or money or weapons or aircraft etc.The prime minister of america live in the white house. There are many best place to visit in America. 51 best places to visit in USA.

1. San Antonio[TX]

San Antonio is the best place to visit in America. San Antonio's centerpiece is that the watercourse Walk, wherever stone walkways and restaurants line the urban center watercourse flowing through the town center. Set below street level, this is often an exquisite space with calm waters, sleek bridges, birds, and many of shade from massive trees soaring over the banks. Most people return down here for a stroll, or to fancy a meal on one among the out of doors patios. one among the foremost quiet ways in which to expertise the watercourse Walk is from the comfort of a barge on a guided tour or dinner cruise. The barges that cruise the watercourse will postponement to forty passengers. For dinner cruises, the barge is ready with an outsized table within the center and may accommodate up to twenty guests. These slow boat tours ar a beautiful escape the hustle and bustle of the town and an excellent chance to rest your legs once daily of looking.

San Diego[CA]

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