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How to increase page speed on google search insights.

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  • Sunday , 12th August 2019

What is Google PageSpeed Insights?

Google PageSpeed Insights tool is used to find the page speed of your website. It is best tool for detect the page speed that how much is your page speed of your website on Google.If your page speed is slow than this tool will help you to increase your website page speed. It is the best role play in Seo Ranking because if any user comes to your website. your website is open fast than user can stay a lot of time on your website but your website is slow than user will not stay on your website . User open another website.

How to optimize your website?

We can optimize our website just use this tool. Firstly We will have to type the Google PageSpeed Insights in Google Search Engine than click the first link after that you will come to Google PageSpeed Insights. Type of Your Website Domain name like than click to analyze. After that your result will come to your face of your website is slow or fast if your website is 100% fast than your website performance is very well in seo.

Image Optimization

It is the better for us that we should use the JPG image formate instead of PNG because It will take a lot of time to load. In sequence of loading our web page is slow so we should use always the JPG image formate not use PNG formate. We should to use at least minimum size of jpg image file so that your website could not slow. You can also use the SVG image.

CSS Optimization

Remove the unwanted css in your files. Css file should be minimum size. Remove the unwanted comments line which are not need. Use the internal css and inline css instead of external css in head section of your page. Follow the all rules according to Google Insights your website is fast.

Javascript Optimization

Javascript file add in the end of body section. In Javascript file remove unwanted code. Google always suggest to you all file should be minium size so that your website performance is very well and user attract to your website.

There are some rules which are follow by us so that our website performance is very well. We should to take care of image formate , css and javascript. There are main point to take care of these words in order to website designing.I have fasted many website 100% on Google. You can also make fast website just take care of these words:-

  • Enable compression
  • Use minify html , css and javascript
  • Eliminate render block javascript
  • Reduce redirects.
  • Improve server response time
  • Image optimization
  • Leverage browser caching
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